Bias Satin Gown with Veil
Embroidered Duchess Gown
Gold Cocktail Dress
Bride and Bridesmaid
Black Duchess with Striped Organza
Fifties Satin Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride and Bridesmaid
Blue Occasion Rouched Dress
Beautiful Silk Bias Gown
Petite Jeune Flower Girl (Back)
Muslin Layered Petite Jeune Dress
Charlotte and Bridal Party
Melanie and Taye with Flower Girls
Opulent Tuile and Tafetta Gown
Charlotte & Bridesmaid
Satin Maid of Honour Dress
Summer Silk Satin Wedding Party
Red Silk Taffeta Bridesmaid
Nina, Groom and Father
Rebecca's Scottish Wedding
Silk Taffetta Rouched Dress 2
Emily's First Dance
Mel, Taye & Bridal Party
Embroidered Tuile and Muslin Gown
Philippa's Archway Kiss

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